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The Last of Us keeps the top spot. The Monday charts.


For the third week running, The Last of Us has deservedly kept it’s the position at the top of the UK retail chart. I’m expecting it to claim the top spot for another few weeks to come at least. New entries include: Minecraft at #2, Deadpool at #6 and proving that PC retail is not quite dead yet, are The Sims 3: Island Paradise at #5 and Company of Heroes 2 at #10. 

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Sony explains next gens PSN charge


So next gen we’re going to have to pay to play online, the waters have stilled since the public feigned anger over Sony’s decision at e3. Was anybody actually pissed at this decision? I’ve read so many bitchy, whiny comments online “I’ve spent £60 to play online this year” and “How dare they begin to charge!” Like they have any idea what it costs to keep a service like Xbox Live or PSN running.

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Disney Infinity’s Toy Box looks surprisingly awesome


Okay so I’ll admit that I probably judged this game a little too early. I’m not going to backtrack on my opinion that buying figures is pretty lame and a shitty way to hold back content behind a paywall, but what I thought was going to be a crappy cash in while Skylanders is still hot, is actually turning out pretty nice game.

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Crackdown 3 confirmed (almost)


Somehow the Crackdown series hasn’t been killed by the abomination which was, Crackdown 0.5 or Crackdown 2 as it’s otherwise known. Speaking to IGN, Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer has all but confirmed that there will be a Crackdown 3 and has justified its absence from both the Xbox One’s May reveal and their e3 conference.

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Banned: State of Decay second game to fall in Australia

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Record breaking Xbox Live Arcade game is the second game this week to be outright banned in Australia. The ABC (Australian Board of Classification) has banned it for the excessive drug use. In  a post on the developers forums, developer Undead Jeff announced that they have began working with Microsoft to change the names of the drugs in the game.

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Xbox One won’t come with headset… *sigh*


Someone needs to kick down the door of the Microsoft headquarters, find the person who made this decision and give them a firm slap on the back of the hand.
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