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PSA: Vote for Gaben to be in TF2


Every now and again a piece of news comes along which reminds me not just why I love video games, but I love everybody who plays them. This is certainly one of them. Thanks to the powers of the internet, there’s a chance for you can dress your heavy as the only man big enough to take down Reggie, Gaben. Link after the break.

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PS4 won’t have a power brick, stupid sexy PS4

Stupid sexy PS4


Shuhei Yoshida, Sony President of Worldwide Studios, has confirmed via Twitter that the PlayStation 4 will not use an outside power brick, instead they’ve somehow managed to squeeze in inside the console itself.

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Banned: State of Decay second game to fall in Australia

state decay download free pc

Record breaking Xbox Live Arcade game is the second game this week to be outright banned in Australia. The ABC (Australian Board of Classification) has banned it for the excessive drug use. In  a post on the developers forums, developer Undead Jeff announced that they have began working with Microsoft to change the names of the drugs in the game.

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Giant Katamari controller is pretty awesome


A Youtube channel fittingly named UberCoolStuffLdnOnt, has posted a pretty awesome video. How it’s never been thought of before is beyond me since it seems such a good idea. Using a Gym Ball, two optical mice, the guts of a DS3 and an Arduino, you can roll the god damn thing around in it’s base and control what’s happening on screen.

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First 5 minutes of new Borderlands 2 DLC revealed

Tiny_Tina_DLC_Intro (1)

Gearbox have released the first five minutes of the fourth and final piece of DLC for Borderlands 2. Called Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s keep, the DLC will see players partaking in a Dungeons and Dragons inspired game hosted by the lover her or hate her character, Tina.

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Halo becomes a saga, won’t end while it’s successful


It’s in the nature of the video game industry to run something successful dead into the ground and then slide on it’s bedraggled corpse like a skateboard until it comes to a stop and won’t shift any more. I don’t think anybody believed Halo would be a trilogy, remember five years ago when we we’re finishing the fight? It would be way to romantic for a video game to stop while it’s ahead.

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Ass Creed DLC announced 4 months before release


You probably already know that we here at EG don’t hold the Ass Creed games to the highest regard. It amazed  me to hear that 4 months before the game is due to be released, you can already pre order the season pass from the Best Buy website. First of all, I have a big problem with Season Passes, it just makes no sense to me that people would be willing to part with there cash, on merely the promise that the content that they’ll give you will be worth it.

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