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The Last of Us keeps the top spot. The Monday charts.


For the third week running, The Last of Us has deservedly kept it’s the position at the top of the UK retail chart. I’m expecting it to claim the top spot for another few weeks to come at least. New entries include: Minecraft at #2, Deadpool at #6 and proving that PC retail is not quite dead yet, are The Sims 3: Island Paradise at #5 and Company of Heroes 2 at #10. 

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Ellen Page know’s she looks like Ellie, claims her look was ‘ripped off’

Ellen Page, known for her role in the indie flick ‘Juno’, has acknowledged her likeness to The Last of Us’ Ellie during a recent ‘Reddit Ask me Anything’ session.

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Daily Thought: Scary Shit



Each day I write a post concerning what has been on my mind, could be gaming related, could be anything. I just like to vent! –TheGoblin

This is yet another thought brought on by The Last of Us doing something right, it was during one of the first encounters with the ‘Clicker’ enemy, these enemies cannot see you, but if you make the slightest sound it will chase you down and tear into your neck, killing you instantly.  Now, these parts of the game are excellent for two reasons, the first is that they are brilliant at building up tension (especially since you need a certain weapon to kill them silently, otherwise you have to risk alerting others by shooting it). The second being that this is a ‘do-or-die’ situation, you either kill them successfully or you fuck up and die, being forced to try again from the start of the encounter. Only through these type of situations can you encourage the player to perfect the way they play and think about the situation.

So yeah, Clickers can be shit-your-pants scary.
But this got me thinking about other occurrences of fear in gaming, and when you think of the horror genre, you think of Resident Evil.

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Daily Thought: First Impressions


Each day I write a post concerning what has been on my mind, could be gaming related, could be anything. I just like to vent! –TheGoblin


Wow. Those first ten minutes?

First impressions of a game are important, those first few moments of a game can make or break a players opinion of it, they need to be pulled in and they need to care enough for them to put in a long session of gaming in order to progress in the game. This is more true than ever now in a generation of gaming that is driven by the narrative, lets compare gaming to another medium.

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