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PS4 won’t have a power brick, stupid sexy PS4

Stupid sexy PS4


Shuhei Yoshida, Sony President of Worldwide Studios, has confirmed via Twitter that the PlayStation 4 will not use an outside power brick, instead they’ve somehow managed to squeeze in inside the console itself.

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Sony releases PS3 4.46 update, fix bricked PS3’s


Last week Sony released the 4.45 update for their PS3, promising it would ‘improve stability’. That it certainly did not. For some who downloaded the update it completely bricked their console and wouldn’t allow it to boot.

Now, Sony has come to the rescue to fix what they have broken with update 4.46.

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Sony sacrificed it’s camera, Microsoft should do the same


There’s been an article on IGN today, in the article they claim there’s been multiple sources (they’ve given no names) who have said that the PlayStation camera was going to be included with the console, making the total price around that of the Xbox One $499.

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Xbox One won’t come with headset… *sigh*


Someone needs to kick down the door of the Microsoft headquarters, find the person who made this decision and give them a firm slap on the back of the hand.
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New Star Wars Battlefront a ‘rebirth’


In an interview with CVG, EA executive Patrick Söderlund has worryingly called  the new Battlefront game a rebirth of the series. The reason I used the worryingly is because the studio in charge of the development is DICE, the studio behind the much loved games Battlefield and Diva Starz: Mall Mania. It’s not that I don’t like Battlefield, it’s just that the word rebirth scares me, I don’t want Battlefront to become another bland FPS. Or a shopping mall sim, that’d suck too.

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