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Big changes coming soon


Entitled Gamers is expanding. We’re excited to announce that we are undergoing some big changes in the way that we deliver our content. Unfortunately we’re a small team and this will limit the amount of posts we can make, it’ll be worth it in the end, we promise!

We’d like to thank you for all your support, while Entitled Gamers is just a hobby, we wouldn’t bother if nobody read our posts.

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-The EG Team-



The Last of Us keeps the top spot. The Monday charts.


For the third week running, The Last of Us has deservedly kept it’s the position at the top of the UK retail chart. I’m expecting it to claim the top spot for another few weeks to come at least. New entries include: Minecraft at #2, Deadpool at #6 and proving that PC retail is not quite dead yet, are The Sims 3: Island Paradise at #5 and Company of Heroes 2 at #10. 

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Nintendo defends Shit-ton of Mario

The Average Consumer: “Wow, Nintendo, you really are milking the cash cow with Mario recently.”
Nintendo: “Bitch Please.”

Somehow I imagine Reggie saying that last line, Mario hat on and cigar in hand.

There has been a bit of an increase in Mario games in the past years, with Mario having more and more to do with his Go-Karting and recreational sports as well as his Paper adventures. As usual people are going to complain about this, but you know what everyone? You keep buying them.

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Angry Birds Trilogy to hit Wii/Wii U in August

Please don’t buy this.
Its going to be expensive.

Rovio have announced that they are bringing their popular poultry punting game to the Nintendo home consoles. I’m guessing they’ll probably assume that they can get away with a £20-£30 price tag, and I’m also guessing that gullible fools out there will buy it.

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