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The Last of Us keeps the top spot. The Monday charts.


For the third week running, The Last of Us has deservedly kept it’s the position at the top of the UK retail chart. I’m expecting it to claim the top spot for another few weeks to come at least. New entries include: Minecraft at #2, Deadpool at #6 and proving that PC retail is not quite dead yet, are The Sims 3: Island Paradise at #5 and Company of Heroes 2 at #10. 

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Expect bigger boobs in Mirrors Edge 2


It appears 2 million copies is not enough for EA. They’re after more and they’re willing to sacrifice the style of one of their more unique IP’s for the chance to up the sales of the sequel. It’s a controversial opinion and even though I loved the original, I think the design was all the original game had, it looked gorgeous and the audio and the soundtrack were fantastic, it was however marred by it’s length and preordained corridor like levels, something I find rather humorous since the whole game see’s you fighting for the freedom of expression. I should get out more.

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New Star Wars Battlefront a ‘rebirth’


In an interview with CVG, EA executive Patrick Söderlund has worryingly called  the new Battlefront game a rebirth of the series. The reason I used the worryingly is because the studio in charge of the development is DICE, the studio behind the much loved games Battlefield and Diva Starz: Mall Mania. It’s not that I don’t like Battlefield, it’s just that the word rebirth scares me, I don’t want Battlefront to become another bland FPS. Or a shopping mall sim, that’d suck too.

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