Xbox One Operating system ‘designed for advertising’.


As if Microsoft weren’t already making enough extra scratch by forcing their customers to buy a Kinect, an anonymous xbox employee has revealed that the Xbox One’s architecture was designed very much with advertisements in mind, with posters for new music, movies and Games plastered all over your once sacred dashboard.

Microsoft’s official statement during an interview with Gizmodo was that “We designed the Xbox One dashboard to make your favourite games and entertainment even more front and center. Advertisements will not be visible on the home screen, so you will only see what’s important to you.”

But I’m guessing that Microsoft’s interpretation of “What’s important to you” roughly translates into real speak as “What we think we can get you to buy.” Also called into question is Microsoft’s interpretation of the word “Advertisement”. According to Microsoft, the image above contains no Advertisements – Only “Recommendations”. In Law, that’s called ‘Distinguishing’. Everywhere else, it’s called ‘Being a lying prick’.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until launch day to see if we can trust Microsoft executives’ word for once, but the outlook isn’t good.


Expect bigger boobs in Mirrors Edge 2


It appears 2 million copies is not enough for EA. They’re after more and they’re willing to sacrifice the style of one of their more unique IP’s for the chance to up the sales of the sequel. It’s a controversial opinion and even though I loved the original, I think the design was all the original game had, it looked gorgeous and the audio and the soundtrack were fantastic, it was however marred by it’s length and preordained corridor like levels, something I find rather humorous since the whole game see’s you fighting for the freedom of expression. I should get out more.

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Ouya Week: You Don’t Know Jack Preview


During Ouya week I will be posting brief previews of a few games, judging them on the trials that are available on every Ouya game.

You Dont Know Jack is a very clever, very well made quiz game meant to be played during social gatherings with friends or family, but I bloody enjoyed it playing the trial on my own.

The game acts as a sort of quiz show, asking you general knowledge trivia questions based on a variety of topics, you are guided through each question by a host, who himself is fully voiced and hilarious to boot.

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Xbox 360 headset will not work with Xbox One.

Its been up in the air the last few days since Microsoft announced they would be selling their Xbox One headset separately, but Microsoft has now definitively said that old headsets will not work on the Xbox One in a statement to Game Informer.

Head past the jump for Microsoft’s statement.


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Report: Google developing game console

Now this is more like it, I feel when Google decides to do something they fucking do it correctly. You ever used a Nexus 4, 7 or 10? Excellent devices. This is because Google made the android OS, they know exactly how to utilize it efficiently, better than the designers over at Ouya do anyway.

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Nintendo defends Shit-ton of Mario

The Average Consumer: “Wow, Nintendo, you really are milking the cash cow with Mario recently.”
Nintendo: “Bitch Please.”

Somehow I imagine Reggie saying that last line, Mario hat on and cigar in hand.

There has been a bit of an increase in Mario games in the past years, with Mario having more and more to do with his Go-Karting and recreational sports as well as his Paper adventures. As usual people are going to complain about this, but you know what everyone? You keep buying them.

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