The Idea

Basically, the goal of Entitled Gamers is to provide an opinion to the masses about various forms of entertainment that hasn’t been tarnished by ‘the rules’.

The opinions based on this website are that of US, what WE think.
We’re not afraid to admit we’re a little biased, we know our opinion may not be agreed with but that is the beauty of Entitled Gamers.
We want to be disagreed with, we’ve been part of gaming websites before and the rules where you cannot aggressively swear at and insult someone when trying to get your point across ruins debates. The amount of time we’ve seen the local moderator drop the ban-hammer on a fanboy just as a debate is getting interesting is ridiculous.

Hopefully soon we will be able to attach a forum to this blog, we want to hear everyone’s opinions!
We’ll be looking for post authors as well as moderators for the forums, if your interested just send a mail over to and we’ll take a look.

For the opinion of the general asshole, keep it Entitled Gamers. 
Because Assholes Have an Opinion Too.

-The Team-


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