Xbox One Operating system ‘designed for advertising’.


As if Microsoft weren’t already making enough extra scratch by forcing their customers to buy a Kinect, an anonymous xbox employee has revealed that the Xbox One’s architecture was designed very much with advertisements in mind, with posters for new music, movies and Games plastered all over your once sacred dashboard.

Microsoft’s official statement during an interview with Gizmodo was that “We designed the Xbox One dashboard to make your favourite games and entertainment even more front and center. Advertisements will not be visible on the home screen, so you will only see what’s important to you.”

But I’m guessing that Microsoft’s interpretation of “What’s important to you” roughly translates into real speak as “What we think we can get you to buy.” Also called into question is Microsoft’s interpretation of the word “Advertisement”. According to Microsoft, the image above contains no Advertisements – Only “Recommendations”. In Law, that’s called ‘Distinguishing’. Everywhere else, it’s called ‘Being a lying prick’.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until launch day to see if we can trust Microsoft executives’ word for once, but the outlook isn’t good.


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