Ouya Week: You Don’t Know Jack Preview


During Ouya week I will be posting brief previews of a few games, judging them on the trials that are available on every Ouya game.

You Dont Know Jack is a very clever, very well made quiz game meant to be played during social gatherings with friends or family, but I bloody enjoyed it playing the trial on my own.

The game acts as a sort of quiz show, asking you general knowledge trivia questions based on a variety of topics, you are guided through each question by a host, who himself is fully voiced and hilarious to boot.

To keep things interesting there are quick-fire rounds as well as other variants on the basic question and answer game, and each question is given entertaining visual cues.

You can play with up to four players, if you do not input your names the host will give you an affectionate nickname.. I was Princess, because, and I quote, ‘who would be called Princess, right?’.

I totally enjoyed my brief time with this game, and if I had more social gatherings I would definitely consider paying the $9.99 price tag for an extra 20 ‘episodes’ of the show.


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