Steam Trading Cards!

Valve has now made Steam Trading Cards available to the public.

The idea is that these cards act as collectibles much like other trading cards, you can trade them with other members of the Steam community. The difference being that the cars can be spent on various in-game goods. Collecting cards also allows users to craft badges for their steam profiles as well as earn various rewards such as backgrounds for your profile and coupons.

More than 30 games support Steam Trading Cards, with the obvious one being Team Fortress 2. I’m sure everyone’s virtual pockets will soon be overflowing with trading cards emblazoned with hats. Other games supported include FTL, GRID 2, Super Meat Boy and Counter-Strike. Valve has said that more games will support the system each coming week.

I think this is a fun idea, it makes in-game purchases seem just a little less pointless, and trading with others in the community seems like a good way to bring more players together. I just really hope there are ‘shinies’.

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