Sonic: Lost World has online on 3DS, not Wii U

Sega has decided their latest game in the long line of Sonic titles should only have online play on the 3DS it has been reported.

Talking to Nintendo World Report, producer Takashi Iizuka has stated that Lost World will have multiplayer on the Wii U, but its all based around the Gamepad and all that bullshit. There is a co-op mode where one person plays on the Gamepad and another helps with the Wii Remote, and there is also a versus mode where you race against each other, where one person uses the Gamepad and another uses the TV, so you don’t have to split screen.
Not sure why they didn’t just go online with that last one but who am I to question the company that brought us instant classics such as Sonic Unleashed.. *sigh*

The 3DS version will have the versus mode as an online option, as well as having some exclusive content.

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