Ouya Week: Super Crate Box Preview

During Ouya week I will be posting brief previews of a few games, judging them on the trials that are available on every Ouya game.

Super Crate Box is a fun game.

It really really is, its not clever, its not revolutionary, its just good old fashioned fun. And its free! For the first week of the Ouya release Super Crate Box is a free download, so get it now while you can.

The basic premise of Super Crate Box is that it thrusts you into an incredibly small environment, tasks you with collecting crates then throws a fuck load of enemies at you. Its insane and will drive you nuts but it has that ‘must keep trying’ factor that makes so many mobile games so brilliant.

Each crate has a weapon inside, and you can use this weapon to attempt to keep the endless swarms of enemies at bay. Weapons range from a simple shotgun to flamethrowers and beyond and each time you collect a crate the weapon changes. To unlock the next level you must collect a minimum of ten crates in the previous level without dieing, but this is near impossible at the start.

The more crates you collect overall, the better weapons you unlock to appear randomly in future crates, and the better your weapons the easier it is to not die. For example, I myself have still not collected 10 crates in the first level (not including the tutorial), its that hard.

But again, I stress, this game is fun.
And its FREE this week, so go and fucking download it. Now.

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