Ouya Week: Polarity Preview

During Ouya week I will be posting brief previews of a few games, judging them on the trials that are available on every Ouya game.

Ok, I’m just going to put this out there, Polarity does not impress me in the slightest bit. It was not a good start to my Ouya experience at all.

To say Polarity ‘borrows’ from Valve’s first person puzzle game Portal is putting it a little too lightly. it unashamedly steals from it. The environments, the music, everything just screams Portal.

Remind you of anything?

The basic storyline (and it is fucking basic) is that your a ‘hacker’, and you have to progress through bank vaults or some some shit, collecting ‘data fragments’ (which apparently presents itself as green light). So what does Polarity have to do with anything? To get through certain doors you have to change your ‘Polarity’. So to get through red doors you must change your polarity to red.

It does get a little clever here, as to get across certain gaps you must reverse your polarity according to what colour your standing on, so it you need to cross a blue bridge your polarity must be red so you don’t fall through it. That impressed me a little bit as it added a clever puzzle mechanic until I then had to pick up a cube and place it on a switch to open a door, which reminded me this is just a portal clone.

It is worth noting that if you do try this, the soundtrack will drive you crazy. Its fucking repetitive, like repeating the same looped track every 10 seconds repetitive.

To save you the bother of downloading, this costs $4.99, I would advise against buying it but there you go, its your choice. Give the trial a try.

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