Disney Infinity’s Toy Box looks surprisingly awesome


Okay so I’ll admit that I probably judged this game a little too early. I’m not going to backtrack on my opinion that buying figures is pretty lame and a shitty way to hold back content behind a paywall, but what I thought was going to be a crappy cash in while Skylanders is still hot, is actually turning out pretty nice game.

Toy Box mode lets the player loose on an landscape, free to build whatever they want. Of course this is going to cost you, owning a Sully figure will unlock Monsters inc building pieces but if you want to be able to build with Pirates of the Caribbean pieces you’ll have to buy the Jack Sparrow doll too. It’s pretty lame but it’s what’s expected, at least it’ll mean there will be lots of content, so long as you buy the figures of course.

It’s a nice feature and I’d have absolutely adored this when I was younger, hell who am I kidding I’d love to play it now. I just need to justify the toys to myself, I need a child to play with.


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