Angry Birds Trilogy to hit Wii/Wii U in August

Please don’t buy this.
Its going to be expensive.

Rovio have announced that they are bringing their popular poultry punting game to the Nintendo home consoles. I’m guessing they’ll probably assume that they can get away with a £20-£30 price tag, and I’m also guessing that gullible fools out there will buy it.

Rovio also brought this game out for the 3DS a while back, and it must have sold enough to warrant bringing the game to Wii and Wii U, which just makes me lose faith in humanity.

These games are either FREE or being sold for PENCE.
Besides, they’re just the first three games, not Space or Star Wars.

Rovio promises ‘over 40 hours’ of new content.
Reason enough to spend an extra £20? No.


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