Xbox One won’t come with headset… *sigh*


Someone needs to kick down the door of the Microsoft headquarters, find the person who made this decision and give them a firm slap on the back of the hand.
Not so much that you hurt them, just so they know they’ve done wrong, so they can learn.

Microsoft has apparently not finished making bad decisions surrounding the Xbox One, they were in danger of maybe having a little respect from the rest of the industry I guess, so I guess they had to rectify that quick before things got out of hand.
The Xbox One will not come with a wired headset, y’know that thing that was constantly glued to your head while playing Halo 3 with friends? Now you have to shout to the Kinect sensor underneath your TV while struggling to hear your friends through the TV speakers over the sound of your game.

I don’t personally understand this decision at all, why not do what Sony did and just include a normal mono earpiece? “Nope, just gonna sell the headset separately. Oh, and we’re going to charge you more, then not justify it ;D”

Naughty Microsoft, go sit in the corner.

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