Sony sacrificed it’s camera, Microsoft should do the same


There’s been an article on IGN today, in the article they claim there’s been multiple sources (they’ve given no names) who have said that the PlayStation camera was going to be included with the console, making the total price around that of the Xbox One $499.

I don’t have a problem whatsoever with Sony removing this from the package because I can do with out it, so long as I get the console, the controllers and the cables, I don’t give a shit what else they throw in so long as it doesn’t bump up the price. If it turns out that the PlayStation camera does enhance games by 101% then sure, I’ll buy it then.

It was decent of them to take it out, and I’d like to see Kinect follow suite, I know that they’d said it’s a core part of the experience but it should be up to the consumer to decide whether or not that’s the case. If we want it we’ll buy it, but since we don’t, they shouldn’t make us buy it, especially when it’s costing us an extra $100 for the console.

It’ll make sticking tape over the lens feel shitty on your first day together knowing you paid $100 for it.


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