Ouya Week: Hardware Impressions

Since I didn’t want to talk during my unboxing yesterday because I didn’t want to ruin the ambiance –  *cough* coward *cough* – I thought I’d explain a little about the hardware that was included in the box.

First of all, its fair to say that I enjoy the hardware rather than the software that is installed on it, I believe while the software needs a fuck load of work doing on it to make it in anyway a ‘console’, the hardware really does excel itself and I find very few faults with it.

The machine itself really is an attractive bit of kit, it has a sandblasted metallic finish around the sides with ‘Ouya’ etched into the front (no backers names on the retail version). The top is shiny plastic with the solitary ‘on’ button in the center, this button lights up with the Ouya logo when pressed. Around the back we have a USB port, a HDMI port, an Ethernet port as well as the power jack. I thought it probably could of done with another USB port at least, but since the software itself decides that my USB stick is not worthy and doesn’t power it I’m not sure that i’d get much use out of it anyway. The bottom of the console  holds the fan which is very quiet, you’ll forget the console is there if left on overnight.

While the controller isn’t one of my favorites, it gets the job done. The buttons are responsive, the d-pad is excellent (you can’t really go wrong with a Nintendo-style d-pad) and the analogue sticks have just the right amount of resistance, as well as having a satisfying click when pushed in.

The shoulder buttons are a slightly different story. While the bumpers are fine as they are, the triggers have a flat surface which just baffles me. Xbox 360 triggers were perfect, and I don’t understand why companies have to try and be ‘different’ and do it differently, if it doesn’t feel like a gun your doing it wrong. All previous problems dev’s had with their consoles no longer exist, the buttons no longer stick due to bigger holes around them and the analogue sticks do not get caught any longer due to the glue no longer leaking from the controller.

The touchpad is very responsive, and helps when using the included internet browser, I hope this is how the PS4 controller works as I think it could add quite a bit to certain games.

So anyway, yeah.
I’ve decided I’ll be doing quick preview of a few games using the trial included with every game, then deciding on one or two to buy and do a full review on.
First up is: Polarity.
Expect to see the preview of that at some point today.

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