Ouya founder ‘pissed’ at backers not getting consoles

Ouya Founder, Julie Uhrman
Really angry.

Julie Uhrman is pissed.
I can imagine being the founder of a company that doesn’t deliver on its promises to the very people who allowed the company to happen in the first place is quite stressful.
I’m betting she’s not quite as pissed as the backers though.

Remember way back then when the Ouya was first established on Kickstarter? All those generous souls who gave their hard-earned cash just for the promise of a new console before anyone else?
Some still havn’t received them, and that is fucking ridiculous.

I’d be livid if I was one of those backers, if I ran this website back then I would of probably backed it to get an early review model. That would of made ‘Ouya Week’ very different indeed. A friend of mine backed the console and has just received a shipping email this very morning telling him his console has been shipped, but he should expect to wait up to two weeks for delivery.

Just for clarity, I ordered on Saturday and got my console on Tuesday. I guess me not having a job or a blog back then paid off.

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