Banned: State of Decay second game to fall in Australia

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Record breaking Xbox Live Arcade game is the second game this week to be outright banned in Australia. The ABC (Australian Board of Classification) has banned it for the excessive drug use. In  a post on the developers forums, developer Undead Jeff announced that they have began working with Microsoft to change the names of the drugs in the game.

Presumably changing the names of the drugs to something more ambiguous would do the job, for example Max from Max Payne 3 lives on unbranded unspecific Painkillers, I’d be interested to see how the ABC would react to this if the game was released now, I guess taking a shit load of drugs is fine so long as you’re not telling the audience what you’re taking.

It’s a shame that Australia is going to have to wait even longer for this fantastic game. There’s always the possibility of creating an American  account, but the wait might do you good, the game is rough as hell and maybe some of the creases might have been ironed out. I’m optimistic.

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