New Star Wars Battlefront a ‘rebirth’


In an interview with CVG, EA executive Patrick Söderlund has worryingly called  the new Battlefront game a rebirth of the series. The reason I used the worryingly is because the studio in charge of the development is DICE, the studio behind the much loved games Battlefield and Diva Starz: Mall Mania. It’s not that I don’t like Battlefield, it’s just that the word rebirth scares me, I don’t want Battlefront to become another bland FPS. Or a shopping mall sim, that’d suck too.

There’s been a distinct lack of third person conquest games on the market, which is surprising since Battlefront 3 is a game which everybody has wanted. There was the almighty fuck up which was Lord of the Rings: Conquest, which was sadly another waste of the license but that was in the same vein as Battlefront and clearly owed alot of it’s design choices too it, unfortunately whenever they strayed from the formula that’s when they fucked up badly and the game ended up a mess.

So please EA, please DICE. I want to see a primarily third person game, I want to see Epic Space battles return with the ability to dock enemy hangers and blow shit up. The only perk I want is the ability to take control of a special character.

I basically want a sexy Battlefront 2 because that game seemingly had it all.

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