Giant Katamari controller is pretty awesome


A Youtube channel fittingly named UberCoolStuffLdnOnt, has posted a pretty awesome video. How it’s never been thought of before is beyond me since it seems such a good idea. Using a Gym Ball, two optical mice, the guts of a DS3 and an Arduino, you can roll the god damn thing around in it’s base and control what’s happening on screen.


It’s a feel good video, just watch the joy on the kids, and the adults faces, while they frantically spin the ball. To be fair you’d have to be an cold-hearted bastard not to smile playing Katamari. So what if the controls aren’t 100% responsive, it’s their first effort on something that has never been tried before. Maybe Oculus Rift support to control the camera? Now that would be really epic.

Here’s to the mass production!

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