Next week is Ouya week!


So I’m on the road to recovery after a long fight with the dreaded man flu. I’m sure our male readers will understand my plight, while our female readers will have no sympathy, my girlfriend certainly doesn’t anyway. Cheers to Heavy for managing to rant on his own, glad to know I’m not the only miserable bastard on here.

Enough about me, moving on.. 
I pre-ordered the Ouya.
I went on to purchase a year of PS Plus, and out of nowhere I ordered the kickstarted android-powered console. What a strange turn of events. 

When it comes to technology i’m extremely impulsive, my PS3 was bought after a split-second decision, unlimited next-day delivery on Amazon doesn’t help. Damn you Amazon Prime. But lets turn around what seems like a rash decision.

Hopefully it’ll turn up sometime next week, i’m hanging my hopes on the fact that the console didn’t sell out before I ordered it, and that I get mine on Tuesday with the rest of the Ouya enthusiasts.

Whatever day I get it, it will begin Ouya week here on EG, I’ll hopefully be doing some sort of unboxing – maybe a video one, depending on my confidence levels in front of a camera and if I can persuade my video editor friend to sort something out to make it look half-decent. I’ll also be doing some reviews of a couple of the launch games, as well as some impressions of the hardware itself and its media player and emulation abilities.

EG’s first new hardware, exciting stuff huh? 
Fingers crossed it turns up. 

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