Lost Planet 3 looks as boring as ever


I honestly don’t mind being more aggressive about this title, I don’t think anybody cares about it enough to take is an insult when  say it’s the most ‘meh game’ I’ve played. Of course I probably have played game which are worse, it’s just than Lost Planet shouldn’t be meh, I don’t know how it’s possible to take a story about a man who fights giant monsters and climbs occasionally inside of a mech and make it so fucking dull.

What’s probably most puzzling is how there has managed to be three of them, I’ve never seen anybody on neither my rather expansive Xbox Live and PS3 friend lists play one. Of course I know they’re not an accurate representation of the whole market but I like to think they’re a cultured bunch, after all they did make it onto my friends list. Lost Planet 2 apparently sold 1.5 million, maybe that’s because it hit the bargain bin so quickly.

Here’s a trailer for Lost Planet 3, it seems we’re returning back to an ice planet, yay?!

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