Infinity Blade 2 on sale for $0.99/69p


Usually costing $6.99/£4.99 Infinity Blade has taken a massive discount going as cheap as it possibly can on Apple’s App store. Not only one of the most impressive looking games on the platform, it  improves over the original in almost every way, including but not limited to: more weapon and armour types, more boss types and a much longer story.

From a gameplay perspective there isn’t much depth. Dodging, attacking and defending can all be done by swiping the screen, imagine Punch Out with Knights and Monsters. New more powerful weapons, shields and armour are unlockable by in game currency you can earn by playing the game. Unfortunately, as is the trend for mobile games, you can pay actual money in exchange for the in game currency, a nice feature if you don’t like playing games, not great for anybody else. The game also has an infinite amount of NG+’s, after every run of the game, whether it’s be a  success or fail, you’ll start again with stronger monsters and the ability to upgrade your character to even higher levels.

For this price it’s an absolute steal, I’d feel bad for paying it considering that it’d be a bargain for it’s original price. So go ahead and enjoy the view.

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