Halo becomes a saga, won’t end while it’s successful


It’s in the nature of the video game industry to run something successful dead into the ground and then slide on it’s bedraggled corpse like a skateboard until it comes to a stop and won’t shift any more. I don’t think anybody believed Halo would be a trilogy, remember five years ago when we we’re finishing the fight? It would be way to romantic for a video game to stop while it’s ahead.

While Halo certainly has earned it’s place in the history books, just how great would it be looking back at the original trilogy in say 20 years time. It’s to late to do that of course but that’s the nature of the beast I guess. I personally find it difficult to enjoy the plot of any game when I know the chances of it carrying on depend completely on how well the game sells.

The Halo games don’t  need to fear running out of a coherent plot, there’s enough in the lore in the Halo universe for the writers to keep pulling plots out of there arse’s. For me Halo has run it’s course, Halo 4 was my last Halo game, all the magic which was in the original trilogy has gone and my fight has been fought.

Calling it a Saga implies there was some kind of creative decision. We all know it wasn’t and it’ll keep on and on and on and on until it’s  referable to my previous metaphor at the start of this piece.

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