Gaming Community, WE WANT YOU!

So, there may be a little less in terms of content today as I am currently suffering from a serious case of Man Flu, I have managed to get out of bed and attend my day job but in terms of logical thought I’m pretty much useless. I have been suffering since last night but Heavy has managed to hold the fort well and I hope he will continue to do so :).

In blog news we are branching out a little and we have managed to find a ‘Movie Review Guy’, I’m sure we’ll think of a snappier name in the coming days as his first post’s are being prepared.

Finally, as referenced in the title of this post, we are looking for more writers for EG, as a team we are quite limited and since I have a full-time day job among other things only Heavy can really be on here all the time. So yeah, if your a budding journalist or just fancy having a rant, writing reviews or basically anything we want you! PC gamers or tech specialists are especially welcome but its not limited to this at all.

If your interested email us at
Or simply write on our Facebook, Tweet us or Comment Below.

Looking forward to working with you.


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