Doodle Jump to hit 3DS, will presumably be overpriced

The much-loved mobile game Doodle Jump will be hitting Nintendo handhelds later this year, it has been reported.

For those of you that do not know, Doodle Jump casts you as the guide of ‘The Doodler’, in which you have to guide it up a never-ending series of platforms.

Now, if we remember, Angry Bird’s received the same treatment, and was released at the same price as normal 3DS games.. So that’s around £25-30 for a game that is either extremely cheap or totally free on iOS or Android. And no, Rovio, the additional content doesn’t make up for it.

If you haven’t already played Doodle Jump (you’ve obviously been living under a particularly isolated rock for the past couple of years), don’t let the first time be on 3DS, go get it for less than a pound from your mobile device.

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