Ass Creed DLC announced 4 months before release


You probably already know that we here at EG don’t hold the Ass Creed games to the highest regard. It amazed  me to hear that 4 months before the game is due to be released, you can already pre order the season pass from the Best Buy website. First of all, I have a big problem with Season Passes, it just makes no sense to me that people would be willing to part with there cash, on merely the promise that the content that they’ll give you will be worth it.

Admittedly, as good as Seasons Passes get, Ass Creed 3’s was one of the better ones, providing a decent amount of single player and multiplayer content. I guess it’s also alright of them, despite being four months early, to give an idea of what we’ll be getting. We know that it’s going to revolve around Captain Kenway’s first mate, Adewale. So if you’re into the Ass Creed thing then you’ll be pleased to know it sounds as if it’s going to be a new single player campaign.

Probably the most shameful season pass in recent memory is Bioshock Infinite’s, it’s now been three months since the games release and there still has been zero news about this proposed DLC, that’s no way to treat customers who have trusted you to deliver them content. However, I know no wrong can be said about Bioshock Infinite but a little update on how it’s getting along or even what it is would be nice.

Just a word of warning, it’s best to wait to see what you’re buying before you hand over your cash. A fool and his money are easily parted.

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