Rayman Legends: Ubisoft bottled it

During the week of E3 2012, Ubisoft held a fantastic press conference, showcasing games that no one really saw coming.
What particularly impressed me was the Wii U games that were showed off, Ubisoft seemed to be supporting the Wii U in ways that we hadn’t seen from other developers. Rayman Legends was one of two main examples of this (the other being ZombiU).

Rayman Origins released to total praise, I have personally yet to knuckle down and play it but I hear that it really was a fantastic game, and evolution of the side-scroller that we haven’t seen in in a long time, the the fact that Ubisoft was releasing the sequel exclusively on Wii U showed support of Nintendo.. So where did it all go wrong?

It has been reported that while speaking to VentureBeat, a Ubisoft representative stated that the decision to release the game on all platforms came from a fear the the Wii U would not sell enough of this game. Seems like cowardice to me, they should of showed a little faith in Nintendo and continued to support the Wii U, maybe the sales would of gotten better if it had a brilliant exclusive behind it. Never mind eh?

I’m going to get this on Wii U, the use of the gamepad is (for once) quite intuitive, and the demo (available from the eShop) really quite impressed me. I urge anyone with a Wii U to check it out and make a decision based on that.


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