Playstation MVP announced and accepting applications


Are you a bad enough dude to be a Playstation MVP?

That’s the question Sony are asking with their new ambassador programme. Their questionnaire is searching for the most dedicated fanboys, a quote taken from their official blog states ‘though we can’t divulge all the criteria, PlayStation MVPs tend to have high Trophy counts, are active members of the community and are knowledgeable about all things gaming related’

So yes you! The trophy whores, the forum moderators and the all round decent gamers are apparently in the running. I’m guessing the ‘other criteria’ will take into account your position on the sex offenders register, knowing Sony it’ll be a negative criteria. Bloody squares.

As an MVP you get special access to all the Playstation events, you’ll get to try the latest demo’s and give your feedback directly to the developers. Not a bad gig if you match the criteria, you might even get some time alone with the PS4.


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