LAST CHANCE: Torchlight FREE for a limited time!

Torchlight (1)

Hit Action RPG/Dungeon Looter is free to download on GOG, if you’ve yet to download the game hurry up ’cause there’s for only a couple more hours left to do so!

In the same vein as the original Diablo you’ll find yourself exploring randomly generated dungeons in search of the next chest, the controls are simple enough, all actions can be performed with the mouse freeing you up to do plenty of other things with your free hand, and while the graphics don’t particularly jump out, the art style sort of makes up for it. I must add that while I find that the character models shit, when you start equipping armour that becomes less of a problem. Most importantly though the loot is plentiful and that’s what causes the addiction, at least in my case anyway.

I’d say it’s certainly worth a download for free, especially if you’re new to the genre. There’s a real lot of fun to be found here, or is that a real LOOT of fun? Yeah, you just read that, I made that joke.

They’re both better than Diablo 3 anyway, piece of shit, I’m still bitter.


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