Decisions, Decisions…

I fucking knew this would happen.
I couple of weeks ago I was getting an earful from Heavy about my next-gen console preorders. He asked me why I continued to hold my Xbox One order to which I replied ‘because things might change…’

A lot of people seem shocked by the news of the ‘Xbox 180’, but to be honest is it really that surprising? Surely it was inevitable since most of the gaming community was up in arms and actively against Xbox One, why would Microsoft release their console like it was and suffer a terrible launch?

We’ve seen what happens when industry giants don’t listen to their customers, lets take a look at the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo didn’t listen to their customers at all, we wanted decent first-part games at launch, which we are still waiting for. This lead to a terrible launch, and what can only be described as massively disappointing sales for the Wii U. Microsoft didn’t really have a choice with this.

But I do congratulate the gaming community as a whole, we showed that we won’t stand for Microsoft’s shit and eventually we won. I think Microsoft took a huge hit in integrity with this but hopefully things will look up for the company.

Unfortunately I now have the problem: Which do I get?
I could get both, but I have bills to pay damn it! Most games I want are coming out on both consoles anyway.
I kind of wished Microsoft didn’t change their policies so this was an easier decision.



  1. Kayleigh Morgan

    I am personally still getting the PS4. partly because it’s cheaper, but mostly because it still has better graphics, PS+ still has more benefits than xbox live, and I really don’t want a permanent Kinect system. I don’t know if that helps you.

  2. TheGoblin

    Yeah, the fact it’s cheaper is a massive plus. The reason I’m stuck on this is that when I look back on the 360 and Ps3, the Ps3 had a much better online interface, everything to do with online was streamlined and I didn’t find that with the PS3.
    Saying that, the PS4 seems to improve on this massively, I guess what I’m considering is, is it worth buying both?

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