The Last of him?

In a strange turn of events lead designer of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann has called out Swedish Magazine Gamereactor  for Photoshopping Ellie out of the cover image personally personally provided by Naughty Dog.


Now the question is why would they do this? Ellie is the best written character in the game, it’s so easy to make snarky teens irritating and yet they have crafted her to perfection. Could it be sexism?  It’s not even as if they had the option of two, they actively shopped her out. In my opinion they could at least justify to Naughty Dog the why they figured their decision was better. You can see below, the magazine in question, which has been flipped and edited, and another magazine featuring the unshopped image.

Layout 1 OylUIg1

I would love to know the reasoning behind this baffling decision. People wanted to see the cover, it’s been revealed that the cover had been chosen by a user poll over over the likes of covers which featured GTA5, and Battlefield 4. Couldn’t they have let readers decide if they wanted the original cover? After all, she’s only central to the plot and the better half of an incredibly moving relationship.

Come on Gamereactor, don’t be afraid, she’s just a girl.


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