Mirrors Edge, Winner of E3

Ok, this is my honest opinion..
EA won E3 when they showed that Mirrors Edge trailer.

Fair enough the rest of the press conference was total bollocks, fucking sports games.
BUT, that trailer made up for it.
I love Mirrors Edge, I think the game was a fucking masterpiece, delivering something new, fresh and exciting by combining free-running with an an understated but oh-so-beautiful art style, rolling it up in a near-future earth government conspiracy. The combat possibly could be been polished better, and a lot of time there was little room for error but this is what sequels/reboots are for, to improve.

That trailer showed the jump that can be made in graphics from this generation to the next, with a lot of games you can see little improvement but the art style of Mirrors Edge allows us to see what this next generation can actually do.

So yeah, I’m ready to jump back into Faith’s shoes and run towards anything red, and that release date of ‘when its ready’ just serves to upset me.
Damn you EA, damn you and your excellent IP.


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