Hotline Miami 2 due ‘late’ 2013

hotlinemiami_102612_1600 (1)

That’s right guys, it’s time to slip on those animal masks and wipe clean those baseball bats for another round of blood splattered, adrenaline fueled madness. The sequel to my game of 2012 is set for a late 2013 release and I am so ready.

If you’ve never played the original Hotline Miami here’s how it goes. You’re a down and out living in a shithole apartment, you get a phone call, you drive to a building and presumably take a shit load of drugs on the way. I say presumably because every level is like a bad trip, and it’s pretty cool to think he’s high off hits tits. You beat the shit out of gangsters and splatter their heads with whatever you can get your hands on while a pulsating soundtrack thumps in the back. There’s  also a quick respawn system which will automatically reset the level when you die, and you’ll die alot. One bullet is enough to kill you and enemies react fast to you movements, it’s all about finding the perfect path and sticking to it. Here’s my favourite song to bash skulls to:


Violent, dirty, grimy, pulsating and addictive, a strange drugs trip through the 80’s underworld but above all it makes you feel like a fucking bad ass.

I am seriously excited about this news, it’s the first time an indie game has won my personal GOTY and I can’t wait to dive back in.


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