3DS Update adds new Streetpass games… for a price?

Ok, surely this cannot be a good idea.
Nintendo’s brought out a new content update for 3DS, including new Streetpass games, usually this would be a time for celebration. I enjoy the Streetpass games, they are a happy distraction and a reason to keep your 3DS in sleep mode while walking around on your day-to-day travels. I’ve collected the majority of the hats on Streetpass Quest and I’ve completed a few puzzles using the puzzle swap game. Brilliant little mini-games, if they’re free.

Charging £4.49 each (or £13.49 for all 4), for new Streetpass games: Squad, Garden, Battle and Mansion is a little excessive, especially since – well, in my opinion anyway – they should be free in order to replace the old Streetpass games that people have gotten tired of. I can’t see many people jumping at the chance to spend their hard earned sterling on this, and you certainly won’t be seeing a review from me. 

In other news, the update also includes a new feature which allows you to back-up data for downloaded titles, but its been reported this doesn’t actually work.



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