Daily Thought: What Daily Thought? | Also: Eurogamer Expo Disappointment


So maybe committing to one in-depth post a day about my thoughts on the gaming industry was putting myself under a little too much pressure. We’re three days into the life of EG and I’m already suffering from writers block. Oh well, maybe a ‘sidewards glance’ at the days events during the week is the way to go, with maybe an in-depth discussion post at the weekend.. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, moving on..
Today I thought what’s the best thing about running a gaming blog? Covering gaming events of course!

I’m always reading first-impressions on unreleased games, most people who follow the industry do, they want to know how their future games are going to be.
Anyway so yeah, there aren’t many gaming events held in the UK, but by far the biggest in the Eurogamer Expo, I’ve never been but I couldn’t think of a better time than now, so I checked out the website and it seems that the tickets that last the whole four days have sold out, and I’ll be fucked if I’m going down to London for half a day.


The silver lining

BUT, I am attending comic-con in Manchester this year and Nintendo usually bring a couple of games as well as some other developers, so look forward to some first impressions on that stuff, as well as pictures of the excellent cosplay that takes place there.
As for Eurogamer Expo? Theres always next year.


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