Watch_Dogs may be set in Assassins Creed’s universe


During a recent interview, Watch_Dogs director Ashraf Ismail teased that this upcoming game may share the same universe as Assassins Creed.

“I don’t want to ruin the surprise for people, I don’t want to give anything away. I will say for the people who love both games, for the people who will play both games; there are some Easter eggs that will be a bit hard to find, but when you find them, it will blow your mind” – Ashraf Ismail

No it will not, Ashraf.
Watch_Dogs is a promising new IP, it won E3 2012 in terms of excitement for me by a long shot. (Bear in mind, Pikmin 3 was announced that week, so that’s a pretty big deal for me). Please, do not make this seem like an Assassins Creed spin-off by shoehorning in references that aren’t needed. Let Watch_Dogs stand on its own two feet, because unless Assassins Creed IV massively improves over its predecessor, I think that franchise has run its course.


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