Microsoft, you are not Apple

Every day I check the current press and there’ll always be some kind of damage control. Usually an interview with the poster boy of both dweebishness and smugness, Don Mattrick, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Don wasn’t a name at all, it’s probably just a prefix he makes the plebs in the office call him.  Nah, he’s probably a nice guy, it’s just I’m not keen on him being the face of a brand so dominant in the industry that I love. He reeks of marketing and buzzwords, and I don’t trust a thing he says.

Would you trust this man?

Would you trust this man?

I guess that’s why I find it so amusing that it’s his job to try and scramble out of the grave Microsoft have dug themselves over the past few months. Having already recommended poor sods without an internet connection buy an Xbox 360, Mattrick’s latest attempt to fit his foot in his mouth. Sorry, climb out of that hole, is to the justify the price tag, I shit you not this is a quote:

“We’re over-delivering value against other choices I think consumers can get. Any modern product these days you look at it [and] $499 isn’t a ridiculous price point. We’re delivering thousands of dollars of value to people, so I think they’re going to love it when they use it.”  

There is SO much wrong with this statement that I don’t really know where to begin. The tech inside the One isn’t worth the £80 more than the PS4, sure it could go either way in terms of which console is spec’d better. Well one things for sure regarding hardware and that is quite how the geniuses at Microsoft are planning on letting users install a whole generations worth of content on a 500GB hard drive, sounds impossible to me but at least they’ll be there to sell spares and bleed their customers of a little more cash.

How silly of me, he mustn’t be talking about the tech, he must be talking about all the premium tv services they’ve told us so much about, which are pretty cool I must add. But no, that can’t justify the extra money because if I want to watch them it’s gonna cost me a subscription. So those thousands of dollars worth of entertainment, that’s not a good thing, you’re gonna be paying every cent for it. So why are we paying this extra £80 again and what exactly are we being over delivered?

Well he makes reference to other ‘Modern Products’, and when comes to overpriced tech there’s no doubt he’s talking about Apple. Like so many other people, I don’t necessarily agree with Apple’s pricing of their products but it pains me to say that I own a few of them. Apple have such a good grasp of the mobile tech industry that it means they can charge whatever the fuck they want. Clearly by Modern Tech they weren’t referring to Sony or Nintendo who have undercut them massively, if they were however trying to justify their price by comparing it to how much Apple charge for their products, then Microsoft:

What the fuck were you thinking?


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