Dead Rising is dead

Dead Rising was one of the first games I played on the 360, it was also one of the reasons I wanted it the console so badly. Despite its obvious flaws like having to poo to save the game, its unique blend of humour and a genuine fear of the clock leaves me with fond memories and made it pretty clear to me that the next gen was here. Well now it’s gone and Dead Rising 3’s shambling onto the Xbox One. Like the reanimated corpse of a loved one, it may look the same but it’s not the thing it used to be, do the respectable thing and don’t be afraid to put it down.

It saddens me to say that Dead Rising will no longer be the same series I fell in love with in 2006. Gone is the pressure of the original game, no longer will you have the tough choice of saving either Bermuda short wearing, camera slinging  tourists or fighting dual chainsaw wielding psycho clowns. Of course there’s an argument that now with the clock removed, I can save the tourists and deal with the clown later, everything can be completed and you no longer have the stress of not being able to fight a certain boss before he disappears.

Well that argument is wrong.

The problem is that the clock is what made the original Dead Rising so terrifying, it’s almost impossible to make a zombie game scary, when they’re slow they’re too easy to kill and become fodder and when they’re fast they lose what makes zombies scary in the first place, your slow impending doom. I do completely understand that some people don’t want to be rushed and sandboxing a zombie game sounds awesome, in Dead Risings case it really isn’t.

In an attempt to find out what Dead Rising would be like without a timer, I have tried to play Dead Rising without saving a single person, only doing what I needed to ensure that the game didn’t end for me. It was dull as fuck and I soon returned to hauling ass back and forth saving old ladies.

According to a Capcom spokesperson a nightmare mode will be included for the ‘Hardcore Dead Rising fans’, this mode will feature a timer but why it takes ‘Nightmare mode’ to include it is way beyond me. Oh no it isn’t, it’s pretty clear they are fucking over the fans who have supported them though not just the first game, but a MULTIFORM sequel and it’s shitty spin off which they had the cheek to release it as a brand new title. Instead of a nightmare mode, it would more sense it include a casual mode for whoever can’t handle the timer and release the ACTUAL game to the people who made it what it is right now. As it stands, if I want my timer then I’ve gotta put up with all the shit ‘Nightmare mode’ will throw at me, no thanks Capcom, keep your fucking game.

Mini rant over, if you haven’t played either of the first two then I highly recommend you give them both a whirl. The extreme pressure of the timer will stress you the fuck out. I mean seriously my fingernails have still not recovered. I still recall leaning closer and closer into the TV, my box headed hero slowly chugging himself through the hordes, stopping to take an up-skirt shot of a blonde flesh rotted bombshell.

That wasn’t a weird past time of mine, I swear. You get bonus points for erotic photos. It was clearly Frank who decided which zombies were hot enough.  I am not a necrophiliac. Although maybe I subconsciously decided which were hot before even attempting the photo? Weird.

It’s a real shame to see yet another unique series reduced to mind numbing simplicity. Anyway Dead Rising is dead, it’ll be disposed of on the bonfire with the rest of the mediocre sandbox games and I hope it fucking burns.

Oh and a format similar to Amnesia would make a fucking awesome zombie game.


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