Daily Thought: Why the Wii U will survive.

Each day I write a post concerning what has been on my mind, could be gaming related, could be anything. I just like to vent! –TheGoblin

So today during a family gathering I was talking to a relative about the going’s on of E3, what transpired and what we thought of the future of the industry. Of course we went over how the PS4 will succeed due to Sony observing Microsoft and just capitalising on all of their mistakes, but this got me thinking, everyone seems to be forgetting Nintendo.

Since Nintendo brought their console out a year early, everyone seems to have forgotten about the Wii U and the games that are on the way. I’m not saying that the Wii U will ‘win’ the next generation, like the Wii did the last, but we can’t exactly assume its out of the running. Yes, I admit that the launch and the following months were a fuck-up, they rushed everything and I have yet to play a game that I can call an instant classic, but if gamers were to change their mindset a little I think they could see the potential the Wii U has.

My view of buying a Nintendo console is that you buy it for the first party games, Nintendo is a company that does first party right, is has a fuck-load of recognisable IP’s that most core gamers will want to play. Lets face it, even if you haven’t owned a Nintendo console in your life you have played a Mario title or a Zelda title, and I’ve never spoken to anyone who came away from a Zelda title and didn’t at least enjoy it a little. The best part? They are only available on Nintendo consoles, no matter what gimmick Nintendo comes out with in the hardware department, I will always want to go back and explore the mushroom kingdom, I physically could not miss out on a new release in the series as I know I would be missing out on a fantastic game. First party games will make the Wii U, and any console the big N bring out will survive due to the core fanbase always wanting the next in the series of their childhood heroes.

The Nintendo addicts latest fix, due out 26th July.

I can say for sure that I will always want to defeat Bowser with Mario, explore Hyrule with Link and beat the crap out of other Nintendo characters with friends during a smash brothers game.
Every Nintendo fan will say the same, they will always come back to the console because they have to, Nintendo games are the heroin of the industry, and no true gamer can resist.

Image Credit: http://www.nintendo.co.uk


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