Do we want Microsoft to fail?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Microsoft, I was an early adopter of the Xbox, and while I’ll admit that I didn’t have much of a say the matter (it was an awesome present) it took a lot of balls to enter a  market with Sony and Nintendo, being a guy who admires balls, a relationship blossomed between me and the giant fucking thing.

A one year head start in the 7th generation, and no games on Sony’s behalf when it finally passed the starting line, was all that Microsoft needed to gain a foothold in the market,  earning themselves a legion of fans they rightfully deserved. Eventually Sony pulled back some ground and now here we are at the end of the 7th gen, both neck and neck, it’s really shaping up to be a fucking awesome 8th gen with both slugging it out with heavyweight games from the get go. Surely. Maybe not.

Despite some issues, this next gen is shaping up pretty well. Unfortunately it’s actually a pretty shitty time to be into video games, I’ll explain why. I want you to imagine a scenario:

There’s two politicians, let’s call them Mr Red* and Mr Blue**. Mr Red has awful policies, he’s gonna bring in laws which will hurt the poorest people, children will go without food, old people will go without care and people will do awful things to survive***. Non of that shit matters to Mr Red, he’ll profit and who actually reads the policies? He’s got a great smile and his last term in office was pretty successful. Well he’s wrong, Mr Red is dumb, he’s gone and said all that shit, now people hate him. While meanwhile Mr Blue was still writing his speech. After witnessing the horror of Mr Reds demise, all he has to do is say that he’ll ensure that children won’t starve. Brilliant, now Mr Blue is in charge, but what does he have planned for the future?

Now I’m speaking hypothetically here, I’m implying that Microsoft will fail, if they don’t that’s another story for another time. I know at the moment most of us would love to see them fail, I’d fucking love it but I’m trying to view the situation from another angle.

Now back to the story, We all know what happens when a man takes control without fear of any opposition, I’m not smart enough to delve into the world of international politics, The Governor from The Walking Dead is more my level. I’m sure you can think of an equally dastardly menace. Well isn’t that what will become of Mr Blue?

Let’s say this is a big enough blow to Microsoft and they get steamrolled by Sony. Who’s gonna keep Sony grounded when the 9th Gen comes around? Everyone needs some competition and Microsoft has proven it this year. I’m hoping that Sony keep their promises, but then again this is politi- no, business, fuck, this is confusing.

*Clearly Microsoft

** Sony

*** Yes I compared used game DRM to starving children. This is serious business.



  1. Niall Crabtree

    Hello, first or all, PS4 are hiding the fact that 90% of their games have multi-player in them and it needs a new code to be able to access this multi-player. So if you want to play multi-player, then you have to buy it new. Doesn’t that sound familiar to the Xbox One, in fact, I think it is almost identical. I got this source from the assistant developer of software on the PS4. Find it somewhere on the internet if you care, or search You Tube, granted on very reliable, but most of the people went to e3 and have a big following. Do more research before you make a website which has a purpose of bringing opinions on news, might as well be the onion and make a joke out of it all.

    • Heavy

      Hey, I think there’s been a little misunderstanding on your behalf. This ‘code’ you’re speaking about could be one of two things. Like the Xbox 360 this gen, a subscription to Playstation Plus will be required to play multiplayer games on the PS4 (Not including MMO’s and F2P games) While it’s not yet been confirmed it’s suspected to be as little as the Ps Plus this gen, I’m as disappointed as everyone else on behalf of this but it’s a small price to pay.
      You could also be talking about online passes, these have nothing to do on behalf of Microsoft or Sony and the decision to implement them is down to the publisher. EA being the latest to stop this practice, I hope others will follow suit.

      I hope I’ve cleared it up for you, this wasn’t an attack on Microsoft but an attack on aggressive DRM they are implementing, something myself and the rest of the community despise.

      Thanks for your feedback, we like to hear every bodies opinions.

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